Chub Flies

The flies presented here were designed and are used to catch Chub on my local rivers (Berounka, Mže, Radbuza, Úhlava, Úslava). They can be used on any river with success.

47cm Radbuza Chub caught on floating crust with bubble float, 17 August 2023 by Clive Porter. Jelec tloušť (Leuciscus cephalus)
47cm Radbuza Chub

It may be noticed that they are not limited to terrestrial dry flies – in fact I use very few of that style of fly – they are mostly wet flies and nymphs.

These Chub flies are not limited to catching only Chub either – most flies fished and presented in an attractive way, will be effective with most river and stream species.

The Chub Flies

  • The Buggy Rabbit

    The Buggy Rabbit

    The Buggy Rabbit is so-named as it’s tied with Rabbit fur and is a very Buggy fly.

  • Blonde Rabbit

    Blonde Rabbit

    The Blonde Rabbit wet fly / nymph is bushy, buggy Chub fly.

  • The Hedgehog

    The Hedgehog

    The Hedgehog dry fly is tied to imitate a small piece of bread.

  • Partridge Soft Hackles

    Partridge Soft Hackles

    These flies are tied with no added weight, relying on the current to keep them just below the surface when fished accross the flow and allowed to drift down stream.

  • Orange Soft Hackle Spider

    Orange Soft Hackle Spider

    Inspired by fly-tyers from years gone by in the north of England, these soft hackle patterns are tied simply with thread, tinsel and a hackle feather.

  • Steelhead Redtag

    Steelhead Redtag

    The Steelhead Redtag is a simple redtag nymph pattern using a stainless steel bead.

  • Fry Fly

    Fry Fly

    The Fry Fly nymph is an attractor style nymph pattern used to tempt Perch and Chub.

  • Pilsen Drayman Soft Hackle

    Pilsen Drayman Soft Hackle

    This is the wet, soft hackle spider version of the Pilsen Drayman dry fly.

  • Shiny Caddis Larva

    Shiny Caddis Larva

    This Shiny Caddis Larva is more of an attractor style nymph and is probably not taken as a caddis but as an interesting looking snack.

  • Radbuza Foam Beetle

    Radbuza Foam Beetle

    The Radbuza Foam Beetle is a handy fly to have in your box when the Chub are feeding on terrestrials.

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