The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog dry fly
The Hedgehog

It’s a Bread Fly!

The Hedgehog dry fly takes its name from its shape however is tied to imitate a small piece of bread.

It’s tied on long shank hooks of various sizes (8 to 16) depending on the targetted species.

The materials used are white 140d thread and two shades of dyed or bleached deer hair – usually white and brown.

The smaller sizes are intended for Roach and Dace and the larger for Chub.

As bread is tempting for a number of river species, it’s not uncommon for carp, brook trout or brown trout to take one of these Hedgehogs.

Due to it’s buoyancy, it’s a good choice when fishing a New Zealand or Dry-Dropper rig for Chub and barbel. Possibly paired with a double-hackled soft spider or caddis larvae nymph.