Tench Flies

These flies were not all originally tied as Tench flies but they are patterns that can be effective when targeting Tench.

  • Tench Temptation

    Tench Temptation

    The Tench Temptation fly is part of the maggot / caddis collection and is intended to tempt Tench.

  • Shiny Caddis Larva

    Shiny Caddis Larva

    This Shiny Caddis Larva is more of an attractor style nymph and is probably not taken as a caddis but as an interesting looking snack.

  • Purple Butt Pheasant Tail

    Purple Butt Pheasant Tail

    The Purple Butt Pheasant Tail is a nymph tied to attract Barbel and Chub in faster water.

  • The Sudden Take Nymph

    The Sudden Take Nymph

    The Sudden Take Nymph is inspired by the Guide’s Choice hare’s ear nymph.

  • Big Bertha Soft Hackle

    Big Bertha Soft Hackle

    The Big Bertha Soft Hackle is a spider style fly, weighted or unweighted, tied on a large hook and using pheasant tail for the body and Partridge for the hackle.

  • Clive’s Caddis

    Clive’s Caddis

    This is a simple Caddis Larva pattern using just micro-chenille, peacock herl and 70d olive thread.

  • Guinea Fowl & Partridge

    Guinea Fowl & Partridge

    This is an interesting nymph pattern sporting two hackles – one at the tail (Guinea Fowl) and the other at the head (partridge).

  • Pheasant Tail R’n’B

    Pheasant Tail R’n’B

    The Pheasant Tail R’n’B is a fairly standard, weighted PT nymph but with a thorax tied with red and black PT fibers.

  • Red & Olive Bug

    Red & Olive Bug

    The Red & Olive Bug is a very buggy nymph tied with olive rooster feather and olive and red rabbit dubbing.

  • Pheasant & Peacock Maggot

    Pheasant & Peacock Maggot

    Another in the maggot nymph series, the Pheasant and Peacock keeps the simplicity theme going while remaining a tempting morsel for our Chub.

  • Purple And Peacock Maggot

    Purple And Peacock Maggot

    Tied with the Radbuza Chub in mind but can be effective for any of our river species.

  • Jessica’s Jumper

    Jessica’s Jumper

    I don’t know who, or where, Jessica is, but we’ve got her jumper for the native Chub.

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