Tench Temptation

Tench Temptation
Tench Temptation

The Tench Temptation fly is part of the maggot / caddis collection and is intended to tempt Tench. The main feature that sets it apart from my other flies in this series is the peacock herl ribbing.

This fly is not intended to be a realistic representation of any living creature but to suggest something moving and tasty on the river bed.

It’s not a beautiful fly and doesn’t need to be – it can be tied in a much tidier fashion if that makes the angler more confident, but I won’t spend time tying the perfect Temptation when I need a box-full for the next session.

Tench Temptation Materials
Tench Temptation Materials

Very simply, the Tench Temptation can be tied on any hook available – I go for a size 10 or 12. It uses a 3mm matt black tungsten beed.

The body is of micro chenille which can be of any colour. This is wrapped with a single peacock herl rib. The thread is 140D black.

Tench Temptation Variations showing some of the different colours.
Tench Temptation Variations

The herl adds a bit of movement and sparkle but can also give the impression of a caddis larvae’s covering.

This fly will fish point-up as the beed is slotted and super glued with it’s weight opposite the hook point. So, hopefully, this will help avoid snagging.

It can attract many different species but was tied to fool river Tench in Spring and Summer.



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