Clive’s Caddis

Caddis Larva nymph fly
Clive’s Caddis

This is a simple Caddis Larva pattern using just micro-chenille, peacock herl and 70d olive thread.

Part of my maggot series, I like to tie this pattern on a size 14 or 12 nymph hook with a small tungsten bead. The example in the photograph uses a silver bead but a matt black bead may be a better choice (I didn’t have any when this fly was tied).

As can be seen in the photo, I like to leave a visible butt of the tying thread

As with almost all of my flies, the target species for Clive’s Caddis is Chub, however, virtually any of our river species will take caddis larva and, hopefully, this fly.

Scale it down to 16 when targetting Roach or Dace – any smaller may require substituting the chenille with silk or floss and selecting herl from the bottom of the feather.