Delphin Red Code 2-7g 213cm Ultra Light rod

Ultralight Micro Jigging

I bought a new rod. I know, I said I was going to use just one rod for all my fishing but, once again, inspired by Chris the Ginger Fisherman I decided that micro jigging might be an effective method on my stretch of the Radbuza river.

The Rod

The rod I chose is the 213cm (7ft) Delphin Red Code 2-7g paired with my Shimano Sahara 1000r

Radbuza ultralight setup
Radbuza Ultralight Setup

I chose this rod, not for it’s funky red camouflage handle, but for its length, its semi-parabolic action, its 2-7g casting weight and, of course, it’s sale price which was around 800čk (£28).

Main Line

I intend to use two different lines for micro jigging, my original Savage Gear Silencer II 0.09mm braid in dark green and a new addition, 0.08 Berkley Sick braid in red.

Red 0.08mm Berkley Sick braid
Red 0.08mm Berkley Sick braid


For the leader I will be using 0.148mm Delphin FLR Carbon fluorocarbon line – I’ve moved on from my early fluorcarbon woes and think I have addressed my problems and concerns with it.

0.148mm Delphin fluorocarbon leader
0.148mm Delphin Fluorocarbon Leader

Lures and Jigheads

When it comes to the business end of the Radbuza ultralight setup, I will be using my existing size 8 3g jigheads with a selection of small (3cm – 5cm) lures but will also be trying my very own, Ginger Fisherman inspired micro lures which are based on #10 0.9g jigheads with added tungsten putty and parts of creature baits.

Radbug donor creature
Radbug donor creature
Small jigheads
Small Jigheads
The Radbuza Bug or Radbug
The Radbuza Bug or Radbug



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