The Pilsen Drayman

The Pilsen Drayman dry fly
Pilsen Drayman

The Pilsen Drayman dry fly as designed and tied to fish for Chub in the Radbuza river.

The Pilsen Drayman is a dry fly inspired by the Royal Coachman.

Primary Usage

Used on the rivers of Plzeň, Czech Republic, the Pilsen Drayman is primarily tied to attract Chub on the Radbuza river.

This is an excellent pattern for upstream dry fly in small rivers when fish are surface feeding and is particularly effective in Spring and Summer.

I would suggest hook sizes of 16, 14, 12 or even 10. I prefer to tie this pattern on a size 12 hook for use in the small rivers in Plzeň.

Given its bushy hackle, the Pilsen Drayman is a good choice of dry fly for a “dry dropper” approach on small rivers. I would normally suspend a smallish nymph or weighted spider below the Drayman.

The eagle-eyed amongst us may have noticed the similarity, in its colour scheme, to the world famous Pilsner Urquell or Plzenský Prazdroj beer label. This is no mistake and, as their brewery is situated on the Radbuza river, it seems to be a fitting choice. The Chub tend to agree.

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