The Hotspot Berounka Bug

The Hotspot Berounka Bug
The Hotspot Berounka Bug

A nymph style wet fly usually fished across and down in small rivers to attract Chub.

The Hotspot Berounka Bug can also be fished in a dry dropper pair combined with a buoyant terrestrial pattern.

This is a “buggy” looking fly and for good reason – Chub love a buggy mouthful.

This version uses a combination of three different dubbings – light grey with a bit of flash, red and, at the head, a darker grey.

The key here is the three colours – red plus two shades of the second colour (in this case grey).

Try it with any colour: olive, brown, black (and grey-black), blue, yellow – they all work.

The bead is a 3.3mm tungsten bead from Hanák, there is also a winding of lead under the dubbing – 10 turns.

Whilst this fly is intended to catch Chub, it also attracts other species including Barbel and Tench.