Plzeň’s Five Rivers

Weir on the river Úslava, Plzeň, West Bohemia
Weir on the river Úslava in Plzeň

We’re very lucky in Plzeň to have a river system made up of five rivers. There are also a number of brooks which flow into these rivers but, on the whole, they are very small.


The Úhlava is a small river that flows into and through Plzeň where it joins the Radbuza.


The Radbuza flows into Plzeň city centre and there joins the Mže where together they become the Berounka.

This is the river I mostly fish when staying at the cabin just west of Plzeň in the Forrest


The Mže is the second river, along with the Radbuza, that flows into the city center where the two join to become the Berounka.


The Úslava is another small river flowing into the North-East of Plzeň where it joins the Berounka.

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This is a river that, along with the Radbuza, I intend to target in 2024.

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The Berounka carries the water of it’s four Plzeň tributaries East to Lahovice in the outskirts of Prague where it eventually joins the Vltava.

Plzeň Berounka – NO FISHING!

For reasons I am not aware of, the Berounka river from it’s beginning in Plzeň to the Weir in Bukovec is not listed as a fishing area so there is a ban on fishing for that whole stretch – a distance (by road) of 7km!

Further East

The Berounka has been mentioned by a number of well-known anglers including John Bailey who fished “a river west of Prague” with local anglers where they targeted and caught Barbel on the fly. Although not named in his article, the river was undoubtedly the Berounka.