431 047 Radbuza 4

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The Radbuza

The Radbuza river is situated in West Bohemia and is considered to be a tributary of the Berounka river. However, the Radbuza doesn’t actually flow into the Berounka, it joins the Mže river in the city of Plzeň and together they become the Berounka.

Radbuza 4 – 431 047

In the Czech Republic, all fisheries have a reference number. Rivers are split into multiple sections and each has it’s own identifier.

My section of the Radbuza has been attributed with the reference number 431 047. In addition, it is known as Radbuza 4 – the fourth administrative section from the river’s confluence downstream with the Mže in Plzeň.

So the last section of the Radbuza (downstream) is Radbuza 1, the next is Radbuza 2, etc.

Radbuza 4 runs from the weir in Ohučov downstream to the weir in Hradec – a distance of about 10km.

The Map of 431 047 Radbuza 4

This is a link to Radbuza 4 on Google Maps:

431 047 Radbuza 4 Map

Radbuza 4 Fish

Some of the fish caught from Radbuza 4 in 2023